Money saving tip on your electric bill: It’s all in the fridge

December 10, 2007

I bet that a refrigerator is a must-have in every in every household. It’s like the holy grail of food storage. We all take time to check out the latest models like the way we check out the latest shoes or the scores on Sunday night football.

But let’s admit it, having a fridge raises the electric bills more than a notch. I remember the first time I lived by myself. I didn’t buy a fridge because I felt that it was unnecessary. My meals basically were all take out or delivered or dine out. But then, I realized that my no-cooking lifestyle was a costly one.

That’s the time I decided to get a refrigerator.

It’s all in the fridge

Yes,I got to save on buying take out or ordering Chinese, but then when my electric bill came in, something I was able to accept at first,I was torn between getting of the fridge and going back to my eat-out lifestyle. I know, pretty trivial, but when you’re living alone in Manhattan and the only appliances you have is a 24-inch colored tv and a fridge and an electric fan, and two incandescent light bulbs, and your bill’s a hundred bucks, you’ll also seriously wonder where you went wrong.

So, have developed ways to maximize my fridge use because I realized that it’ s somewhat an indispensable stuff. Want to share these with you:

  • Place it a few inches from the wall. Ideal distance is 3-5 inches so as to let the motor breathe.
  • Regularly clean the condenser coils. Regular intervals would be once to two times a week.
  • Always make sure the door gaskets are tightly closed. Also, defrost regularly. Regular here also means once to twice a week.
  • If you’re a first time or a seasoned buyer, go for refrigerators that have the Energy Efficient Factors (EEF).
  • Cool down the hot dishes first before putting them inside the fridge. Hot foods make the fridge generate more electricity in order to cool down the food.

I know these tips might be no-brainers already. But sometimes, we tend to forget the basic things because of life’s complications. Simple ways like those above can definetely let us save more on our electric bills. And who can imagine that our savior is just standing in our kitchen?