About the author

Cedella Garcia’s name was inspired by her mother’s eternal (and unrequited) love for Bob Marley. Born on the spring of 1984, she was raised in Nashville, Tenessee where as a child, until the age of 10, it seemed nothing to her the oddness of listening to reggae songs when the whole town dances to country music. After middle school, her mother, who raised her indepently, moved to Burbank, California. Her ever-loving mom worked as wardrobe assistant for a small production company while she went to high school and business school for college.
She landed a job as an accountant in a pro-bono law office a year ago after her mom asked her if she has a job already during thanksgiving dinner. She also works as a part-time math tutor to keep up with her one-bedroom apartment a mile away from the production studios in Burbank.
Cedella has this goal in life to be a consultant by the time she hits the big 4-O. She envisions herself at this time to be tv correspondent for money matters for a nationally-syndicated early morning show. So, she considers this blog as THE first step


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