Savvy money saving tips to splurge on online shopping

The benefits of shopping online are endless.

Not only does online shopping lets us save our physical strenght, but it does really help us save money.  Where else in the world can you get your most sought after item without getting out of your pjs? At home, of course.

Here are some savvy money  money saving tips when going shopping on the world wide web:

1.  Shop for your basic stuff.

This is the first thing on your online shopping list as all the major departments stores who have online counterparts are having their clearance sales as the writing of this post is going on.  Basic stuff on Target, Kohl’s and Sears are 50-70% down.

2.  Get something for your crib.

The giant home appliance stores are giving out to at least 30%. Talk about adding practical and stylish home products without the hassle getting blisters from the snow.

3. Fulfill your christmas wish list.

Now that the winter and clearance sales are jamming the online traffic, get your list that you kept last christmas and buy the things that were just once in your day dreams.

Now is the time

The time to get the shopping rolling is right now.  Year-end auditings are being done so the e-tailers are taking out the excess and bringing their values down. That’s our cue to get make that precious move to click the BUY NOW button.


2 Responses to Savvy money saving tips to splurge on online shopping

  1. aldrinmeeks says:


    It’s not only money that’s all you will save in online shopping but your time as well.

    Happy shopping!


  2. Jim Phelps says:

    One often overlooked place to save some money is your car insurance bill. As an agent, I can tell you that the squeaky wheel gets the grease. We don’t have time to requote every policyholder’s coverage at renewal, but if asked to, we will shop their coverage around. Companys are changing rates and adding discounts all the time, so if you haven’t shopped your coverage around lately, you might be surprised how much you could save!

    Below is a link to my California car insurance website. Even if you don’t live in California, you can just enter your zip code and a list carriers in your state will appear. They are some of the cheapest companies you’ll find, so quote a couple and see if you can trim some fat from your budget!

    Visit here:

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