Money saving tips when reserving for a cruise

These past two weeks have been crazy, really.

Wasn’t able to find time to post because work has been driving me crazy. Sleep is almost non-existent but then again, at least I am productive. Well, enough about me.

Why cruises? Well, it seem impossible to save money if you’re going to a cruise. But there are ways, actually. The key is timing and smooth talk.

1. Book in advance.

This is a tried-and-tested way. If you’re the early bird, you may get discounts and get your most preferred room on board.

2. Bid.

Yes, you’ve heard it right. There are actually cruises on auction. Where’s the saving part there? Well, you will be able to operate on your budget for the cruise. I know auctions can make us go beyond what we really have but think about it, you will be able to develop the discipline on spending on what you just have because when somebody else bids higher, you realize how much you really have.

3. Contact a cruise specialist.

You will be able to take advantage of a better cruise deal when you have cruise specialist. They know their way around the industry and know when to stop bargaining. Just make sure you will deal with a reputable cruise specialist.

Spend within your means

As I’ve said, timing is the key. Operate on a budget. But don’t sacrifice a decent and comfy cruise experience just so that you’ll be able to save more. Practice balance. Bottom line, make sure you’ll enjoy yourself while on board but make sure you still have something to spend when you go back home till next pay day.


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