Post-Christmas money saving tip: Bargain till you can’t bargain no more

December 27, 2007

Christmas has passed and I know that we are all experiencing a “post-holiday stress disorder” in some ways. We have prepared more than we can, invited even those we really don’t want to in the spirit of the season of giving and loving, but I bet that we can never get tired of shopping even after all the Christmas stress.As I’ve said in my previous post, it is ideal to shop days after Christmas. This is because the retailers are in a rush to reach their sales goals for the year so prices go down for us to splurge on. But, after all the money spent last Christmas, do we still have enough for New year? The answer to this dilemma, go for bargains.

Where to go for bargains?

Yeah, yeah. Bargains will be everywhere. But we have to make sure that we don’t sacrifice quality just for the sake of a low price. So, here are a money saving tips on spotting the worthy bargains.

  • Sports stores

Sports stuff retailers do give out worth items on bargain. Sports-related items are always made with the highest quality regardless of price. Sports pieces can mixed and matched with all your wardrobe imaginable.

  • Novelty shops

Shops of this kind usually give out more bargains especially for items that haven’t done well in the sales department. So, you get to be original and save at the same time. Isn’ t that a bargain or what?

  • Ebay

    You may feel a bit skeptic because shopping online takes a vital shopping experience, the “trying it on” part. But the answer to this is to know what you really want. If you’re eyeing for a dress and ebay offers it, then go ahead and bid for it. If it doesn’t fit, just immediately ship it back to make the necessary changes. Plus, you can earn by listing stuff in your closet that you don’t need. If that doesn’t spell more money in your checking account, I don’t know what will.

    • Low-end to high end stores

    To a shopper by heart, the type of store doesn’t really matter as long as they offer the stuff you want in good condition. You can find great deals from Payless to Targe tto Macy’s to Bloomingdales at this time of the year.

    Affordability and quality should be top priority

    We should never set aside that after New Year, there is a another 365 days that we have to live for. So, make sure you still have enough to spend till next pay day, at the least.