Grocery Money Saving tips for saving on your turkey budget

November 22, 2007

Tomorrow is the T-day. If you’re one of the last-minute shoppers for turkey,then you can definitely find the following grocery money saving tips to your advantage.

More than 20 million Americans are traveling this year to celebrate Thanksgiving. The airlines are packed, the roads are filled, and all modes of transportation are having a feast. Thanksgiving is synonymous to turkey,which undoubtedly is on everyone’s table at Thanksgiving dinner. But, with everything going on a price hike, how can you manage?

Latest reports say that prices of basic commodities in the grocery increased by 11%. Gas is 3 dollars a gallon, more or less, and yes, the price of turkey is now $17 compared to almost $14 last year. So, how can you get the juicy turkey without sacrificing your budget? Here are the grocery money saving tips to aid you:

Take advantage of coupons

Some supermarkets actually offered this long before the holidays. Well,they didn’t offer turkeys as part of the discount, but thing is, these coupons correspond to canned goods and fruits and other spices which will let you spend more on buying a turkey. You already have the ingredients, all you need is the bird.

Go for the promos

Supermarkets also now have this promo right now that if you’ll buy up to a certain amount on a single purchase, you’ll get a free turkey. Now, is that great or what. More or less, you’ll get a free frozen turkey. They taste just as delicious if you know how to defrost them. Just put them in a container with cold water and replace the water every hour.

Run after one

When I say this, I mean literally. If you’re living in the farm, why just go and catch one? It will be really beneficial if you go into taking care of even just a pair of turkeys so that they’ll be all healthy and full when the T-day comes. Last year, my aunts from Tbrought a large turkey for thanksgiving from their farm. Really made a difference.

Estimate how many guests you’ll have

This is helpful because knowing how many mouths you’ll be feeding will let you determine if you’re gonna buy a turkey or two. Ideally, one person should consume 1 pound of turkey meat, so, maybe, instead of buying 2 turkeys, you can just buy one and the breast part.

Thanksgiving would never be complete without the great big bird. But, you still have Christmas to prepare for, right? So, as one of the last grocery money saving tips, spend less yet eat heartily. Happy Thanksgiving!