Tips for saving money for college freshies

School has just started like three months ago.  Everybody is in the holiday spirit, well so am I.. but then again, I feel that we should also focus on other matters that have direct effects on our lives.    

Tips for saving money for college freshies 

I went to college myself and I fully know how challenging it is to budget money to make it just through a single day.  We all know college is expensive and costly.  Our folks worked hard all their parenting lives just to get us into a good college. I, for one have to work while I was in the University.  So, just want to share a few tips on how to save money while you’re still in your first year as a college student.  When you’re able to save, even a little, it is already a big help to your parents. After all, they have other things to attend to, like mortgage and retirement.

  • Get a credit card.  I know that maybe a lot have been given credit cards at a younger age. But if you still don’t have one, apply.  You can have your parents add you as an extension so that they can keep track of your expenses. They know how to do the math.  My mom did the same for me. Plus, this will be a solid foundation for a good credit history. 
  • Scout for scholarships and grants.  These opportunities will help you avoid making large student loans which will end you up in a large debt.  This is the time for you to discover your abilities and take them to the next level.  This is a win-win situation. You land a scholarship plus you’ll be able to show what you are really capable of. We all have our own unique talents and skills, we just need to tap them.
  • Take a year off afte highschool graduation.  Well, this is a tough choice. Taking off here doesn’t mean slacking off getting a job to save enough money for your tuition.  I feel that this will let you sort out your priorities. And, you’re not alone, the heirs to the British throne, Princes William and Harry, did take time off. But then, not all of us live in castles, literally, all I’m saying is that it will never hurt to take a job before going t college.
  • Work minimally while studying.  Your main goal is to study. You work to pay for your tuition or to have your daily allowance. Know your priorities.
  • Do the math with your parents.  Sit down with your folks and come up with the specific budget that you’ll be needing. Include everything and be realistic as possible. Don’t be shy to tell them the exacr amount that you need for an item. They’re your  parents so they will think of your best interest.

What’s important is you consider ever single aspect and never be hesitant to let your parents know what you need. If necessary, get a job. Major money saving tip, spend with what you have bu work your way to have more.


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