Money saving tips for stay-at-home mothers

The joys that motherhood brings can’t be denied nor disputed. Even with the growing culture of working mothers, still the majority of women who become child-bearers choose to stay at home. So, between all the juggling of tasks, how can a stay-at-home mother save some money at the piggy bank? Money saving tips are just what you need to put everything in a good place.

A stay-at-home mother is tasked not only with taking care of the kids, but also of the household and the husband as well. Even if the husband is the one earning, the stay-at-home mother is awarded with the responsibility of alloting the money for the expenses and make sure that there will still be enough to put in the savings account. Hey, with all gas and the mortgage, can’t imagine how stay-at-home mothers can manage.

Have come up with a few money saving tips just for stay-at-home mothers to aid in their everyday spending:

  • Plan an income and stick to it – Formulate your own feasibility study. List all the possible and miscellaneous expenses of the family. Allot a fixed income and abide by it as much as you can at least for the first quarter. This will help you determine what are the most and least necessary expenses. At the end of the fourth month, review all the expenses and then you’ll have a pretty good idea of how much you’re going to take out of the wallet.
  • Stay in touch with your connections -Keep in regular communication with your former colleagues, not only with your pie-making buddies. You can never limit your skills to just in the four corners of your house. Maybe you’ll have time to go back to your career.Thing is, you’ll never know.
  • Open up separate accounts – Yes, couples are one. But it won’t hurt to open up another savings account for yourself. This is not assuming any negative vibes, but just something to go to for your “fun stuff”. I refer to fun stuff as your trips to the salon, escapades at the ladies section of the department store, or just simple joys of eating a pint of ice cream all by yourself during the wee hours of the night.
  • Allot funds for insurance – again, not inviting bad vibes here. But just to make sure that whatever happens in the not-so distant future, never fail to make deposits for your insurance. So whatever emergency comes like a hospitalization, all you’ll think about is to get better and not the bills.

Stay-at-home mothers are given a very daunting and challenging task of alloting the appropriate funds to where they belong. For the most appropriate estimate, you can visit to get average stay-at-home mother’s services like housekeeping, cooking, laundry, etc. Hats off to stay-at-home mothers out there.:) Hope the above money saving tips can aid you.

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    Thanks!I’m glad that you’ve found my post helpful.Cheers!

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